Friday, May 24, 2013

Singing & Signing, Signing & Singing

For a while I have known that when I am an adult I would like to be a sign language interpreter. I love signing.  I find myself signing in my head all the time.  Sometimes I catch myself signing for real when I didn’t intend to.

I also enjoy singing.  Yep, signing and singing.  I have been practicing with our church worship team for over 8 months. At our church this is how you audition for the worship team.  When the worship leader feels that you are ready, he puts you on the team for Sundays.  He warned me early on that I would be coming for a lot of Wednesdays before being put on the team for Sunday, partly because of my age and lack of experience.  For a few months, I have been wondering if I actually want to be in the worship team or not because then when Sunday comes I would be on stage with a microphone singing instead of being in the audience signing.  Last night at practice I was singing, but not really paying attention to the words and more signing in my head. 

After the song I started talking to the lady next to me like always. I told her that I am always finding myself signing. She told me that maybe I have the gift of music not so I would be a singer, but so I would sign.  During the next song I continued to think about that.  I realized that it is very easy for me to learn to sign a song, generally only taking a day or two to get it down.  Also I can use my whole body to sign.  When practice was over I decided that this might be a nudge that I needed.  I’m not sure where it was nudging me to, but I was definitely moved to a different place than when I entered the building.   As I was getting ready to leave, the worship leader came to me and asked if I would consider signing on stage for the church. Seriously?!  I was so excited that I was speechless!  I have been waiting for a long time to be on stage singing and then I was asked to do something on stage that I love even more. If I had planned it wouldn’t have tuned out like this.  Once again I am reminded that God’s timing is even better than mine.

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