Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Endings

The end of the school year is a busy time.  We scramble to work in the last of the lessons, reviews and assessments.  We also find ourselves running to all sorts of activities celebrating the end of the year such as graduations, picnics, dinners, and parties.  This busyness drives me crazy, yet I find myself participating.  Why do I subject myself to this year after year?  Suddenly, a moment of clarity hit me.  I like the idea of an ending, not just the festivities.  Endings offer a sense of accomplishment.  Whether it's an assessment or end-of-the-year party, these events provide a definite point in time when we can say that we have completed something.  They also offer an opportunity to start fresh the next time by moving on in the same class or starting a completely new extra-curricular activity.  As we wrap up the completion of this school year, I'd like to wish happy endings to you!

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