Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Four Spoons Full of Sugar

A rare event happened in our house this week.  All four of my kids are sick.  We're talking more than just the blahs that come from snow and cold temperatures in May.  We're talking falling asleep during morning lessons sick.  Like any mom, I questioned the possibility of such an occurance last night when the fourth child told me that her tummy hurt as I tucked her into bed.  I suspected that the truth was closer to the fact that she didn't want to be the only one doing chores.  Reality began to set in at 6:00 AM when my morning person crawled into bed between me and her daddy, snuggled up and remained peacefully still long after my alarm sounded at 6:30 AM.  The seriousness of this sickly situation was confirmed later when she asked if she could stay home while I went to the library.  This is the child that will do anything for a trip to the library and here she was laying on the recliner with her beloved Bluey the Bear, across the room from her older sister who had taken over the couch and two younger siblings who each set up a makeshift bed on the floor.  I had a bad situation on my hands and had to act.

Rare events cause me to resort to rare measures.  I allowed the kids to slide on their school work and chores.  Instead, we turned to Netflix for some educational flicks (you've got to check out the biography of the Kellogg Brothers, but be prepared for two brief segments of an adult subject).  I also took a mid-week trek to the grocery store for extra fruit, juice and popsicles.  On day 2 of The Sickness, we were blessed with a beautiful afternoon and I pulled all of the kids off of the couch and recliners that had become home.  We took dinner outside and enjoyed the chirping birds and hum of lawnmowers as we ate.  By the time we finished, all of the kids admitted to feeling better to some degree and that makes this mama happy.  One sweet girl was even happily swinging on the trampoline swing while another picked dandelions in the yard.  Maybe Grandma was right when she said that love, sunshine and popsicles are the best medicine.  I'll just save the spoonful of sugar for another day.

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