Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pick a Hat

I wear many hats throughout any given day.  Generally I start with the wife hat when I get up and make my husband a lunch to take with him to work.  If he leaves early enough, I sneak down to my basement to wear the crafty hat and create something amazing out of paper - generally a birthday card or gift.  At 7 a.m. I quickly switch to the mom hat when I wake each of my four children from a peaceful sleep.  In the course of that day, I will switch from the teacher hat as I homeschool my kids, employee hat as I put in time at my office job, chauffeur hat as I drive someone to something and granddaughter hat because I call my grandpa every day to check on him.  I also wear my chef hat, maid hat, computer geek hat, friend hat, and countless other hats on any given day.  I'm more excited than I should be that this week I get to wear my birthday hat.

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