Thursday, January 16, 2014

Infinitely Useful Washi Tape

Being a crafter, I have heard about Washi tape for a while.  It has only been recently that I realized how completely useful it could be. {insert HUGE smile}  If you're unfamiliar with Washi tape, it comes in a million or so colors and patterns and is kind of a cross between masking tape and Scotch tape.  The pattern is usually transparent so you can create lots of different looks with just one roll.  It is inexpensive and is sold at most retailers.  Close To My Heart is my favorite place to find this new essential item (an expanded selection is coming February 1st).

So, let me share some of the places you can find Washi tape in my home (or will soon find it):
  • Why write names on cups when people can decorate them with an assortment of colors?
  • Speaking of parties, give personality to boring cups, plasticware and other party supplies.
  • Give each family member a roll to mark their charging cords, flash drive, toothbrush, whatever!
  • In the living room or for a fun bedroom: create one-of-a-kind photo frames, lamp shades, coasters, furniture, wall art, ceiling fans, mini-blinds & vases.
  • In the kitchen: spice up boring utensils, serving dishes and bowls, cookie jars, and handles.
  • In the dining room: Create a fun place to eat with placemats, napkin holders, and a centerpiece.
  • Create coordinated sets for gift-giving or use it with plain paper to wrap gifts.
  • Electronics: decorate a laptop, keyboard or phone case. Easily identify flash drives, cords, and chargers.
  • Just for fun: Decorate lunch bags, baskets, containers or  watering cans.  Make flowers, jewelry or a card!
So where will Washi tape be appearing in your house?

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