Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day: A Celebration of Simplicity

My grandma disliked holidays, especially days like Christmas when people got so wrapped up in the day that they forgot the people.  I, on the other hand, love holidays.  They give me an outlet for my craftiness and creativity.  Place cards, banners, creative cakes and themed décor fill my Pinterest page and craft room leading up to any big day.

On Father's Day, we make cards and t-shirts for the dads and grandpas in our family.  That's where the craftiness stops for Father's Day and I like the holiday for just that reason.  After all of the craziness of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve (our son's gotcha celebration), our anniversary, Easter, and a multitude of birthdays that carry us up to Father's Day, I'm ready for the low-key event that my husband and step-dad crave.  All they want on Father's Day is a day of rest and we can do that well.  Generally, we find ourselves fishing at a pond on the farm or picnicking at the park.  It's an enjoyable day when they can connect with the kids and we can all find pleasure in the simplicity of the afternoon breeze, the laughter of the kids and a quiet conversation.

Here are some other fun, simple activities for Father's Day (many can be done at home):

  • host a mini-golf tournament
  • take Dad to a sporting event
  • attend a car show
  • watch a movie or five (at home or the theatre)
  • give Dad the day off and do his chores while he rests
  • make breakfast in bed for Dad
  • go swimming
  • take a walk or bike ride down a local trail
Whatever you choose, make sure Dad (or Grandpa) knows that you love and care about him!

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