Friday, June 14, 2013

A Girl's Best Friend

A lot of people say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not this girl.  My sister is my best friend.  

I have grown up without many girls my age around.  Even though I shared a room with both of my sisters, I would often play by myself and then find myself wishing that I had a girl my age to play with.  Sleepovers and constant companionship were things I dreamed of sharing with her.  The loneliness got even harder after we moved.  At first I thought that it would be great having my own room, but I desperately missed my roommates.   Because my sisters shared a room, they got closer and I felt much farther from the people I hung out with the most.  I am glad that God only made me go through that for a few months.  He saved me by bringing my brother into our family.  To give him a bedroom, all three of us girls had to share a bed room again.  It was a small bedroom so my middle sister got the top bunk and I got the loft bed.  With six family members in a small house, that was our hiding place.  As the two of us retreated there more often around the same times, we grew much closer.  We learned more about each other and learned that we think alike and enjoy the same thing in many areas of our lives.  Then we moved again.  Everyone kept talking about how good it would be for us in a bigger house.  My middle sister and I had a different idea about this bigger house.  We just got closer and didn’t want to have our own rooms.  So both of us went to our parents and asked to share a room with the other.  We were surprised when they said yes!  Through all this we grew closer but I also started taking our friendship for granted.  I started thinking that she couldn’t be my best friend because she was my sister and so much younger than me (three years can feel like a big gap).  I’d have to find someone else.  Sometimes she was an annoying little sister, but she just happened to grab me at just the right time so I could see her as a friend.  

          I was starting to realize that maybe she could be my best friend recently, but the defining moment was when Cece had her seizure. I was so scared because I thought she would die.  For the next few days, I was very upset and would cry almost every hour. I would not go to our room and I couldn’t do my homework.  Mom and dad lectured everyone about seizures – symptoms to look for, what to do if we saw one, and how to handle things after it was over.  Over that time, I learned that she probably would not have died.  But I also started thinking about if it was something else and she did die, how would I feel?  I know I would feel guilty that I spent 24/7 with her and didn’t think of her as a friend.  Who could know me better than the person that I talk with face to face over half the day and understands what I’m feeling.  Besides that, there’s so much we enjoy doing together.  What more could you want in a friend?

I have been praying for a little while for someone.  And to think while I was begging God for a girl, my answer was in the same room as me, doing something I love.  I know of girls that have friends outside their homes, but sometimes the BFF of your dreams is the same girl that has a bed next to you and she's worth far more than diamonds.

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