Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Minions Discussion Guide

My daughter and I were fortunate enough to attend a screening for the movie "The Minions." If you'd like to read my review, head over to iFamilyKC (link will be posted ASAP). My daughter and I left feeling like we couldn't stop at just writing a review. We usually discuss movies after watching them and this time we wanted to share some questions with your family as well.

  • What were the minion looking for? 

  • What happened when the minions were in the cave? What 

  • What is a leader? What qualities make someone a good leader?

  • What made Kevin a good leader? Would you have gone with him?

  • What did the Nelson family do right? What did they do wrong? 

  • Why did Stuart give the crown to Scarlet? What would you have done?

  • After the queen gave the gifts to the minions, do you think they were satisfied?

  • Why did the minions follow Gru?

  • Did the minions learn anything from what happened with Scarlet?

What other questions would you add to this list?


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